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 National President
  Paul BIYA
        Cameroon People's
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Accueil | Renewal of basic organs

No Chance for Recalcitrant Militants

It is said the best example in life is experience. Head-strong militants who rejected the party’s instructions during the 2013 municipal and legislative elections will feel the gravity of their offense and the weight of their punishment during the renewal of basic organs operation.
On September 11, 2014, the National President of the party Paul Biya in a decision rendered the decision of the “adhoc committee on discipline” legally binding and enforceable. It concerned 165 members. The decisions ranged from warnings, reprimand, call to order and a congratulatory message, all in line with article 33 sub 1 which spells out category I disciplinary sanctions of the general provisions in the basic text of the Party.
On sanctions, 8 militants were dismissed, and suspensions ranged from 6 months (1 militant), 12 (1 militant) months and 18 (42 militants) months in conformity the above cited article. These sanctions because they were taken by a disciplinary commission of the central committee now referred to as the “Musonge Commission,” were not subjected to any appeal in compliance with article 34 sub 2.
This far, only Singa Ndawinez Jérémie of Upper Nyong Section on “temporal expulsion” has served his punishment. While Nyamsi Martin Nkam South Section has a month to go, and the 42 on 18 months are still serving theirs. Logically, these persons will not vote or be voted for in the ongoing renewal of basic organs operation. It is a political career cut short. Executives of the party have a mandate of 5 years, and the legislator of the party permits additional time. At least for five years, they will be out of the picture. Hence, militants who were sanctioned and had ambitions to run for any office will have to shelve them, and remain in forceful hibernation in the next five years. The price of indiscipline!
It was the first time the party hit hard on indiscipline and meted tough sanctions on militants. A recall to militants that discipline remains the backbone of the Party. No doubt, 13 articles of the Basic Texts of the CPDM are on discipline – Part V of the general provisions from article 31 to 35 and chapter VI of provisions relating to the specialised organisations of CPDM from article 80 to 87.
Reminder, the victims of the sledgehammer of the party in 2014 questioned the decisions of the conclave before the council session to elect executives, challenged the lists invested by the party before the Administrative Bench of the Supreme Court via written requests asking the bench to disqualify the party’s lists.
In the course of the next 5 months, the party has defined the path on which all militants are to tread. Any deviations will attract sanctions.

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